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Jorja Green


It seems Thoroughbred has some jealous competition, and I was one to be roped in by their bagging and nasty marketing ploys. I was hell set against buying one! When visiting other float manufactures around Auckland we had some time spare that we thought, why not go have a cheeky look at Thoroughbred?

From the moment we arrived the incredible service and total passion for what they do blew us away, far superior to anything we had experienced so far that day! The combination of engineering and horse knowledge really made the difference at Thoroughbred. We were showed around their factory and talked through every step of the process, before getting the tour of their float ‘Kia Kaha', still looking incredible after plenty of use and abuse! Alanna is so easy to talk to and had all the answers to my MANY questions. I know something is good when my extremely picky mechanical father can't say anything against it – and that was the case here! Our original opinion on Thoroughbred Floats was quickly diminished and I had a new standard in what is quality. They are too beautiful and well made, that quality! I just HAD to have one!

How impressed I was when Alanna promptly contacted ME to follow up our visit, the professionalism is second to none! I was fixated on them and spent hours planning my dream float, with the help and support from Thoroughbred the whole way – they really go the extra mile. I felt confident in their support after purchase based on what I experienced during the build process.

I have already found this to be truth, as unfortunately my float did have a couple of small teething problems but they were more than helpful and stood behind their product! Now she's better than ever! Can't ask for more than that.

I may be a tad biased, but I think I have one of the most gorgeous floats on the road! You hardly know it is behind you when towing, but everyone else on the road can't miss it. So easy to back, especially with the electric brakes to save getting soaked on those rainy days Taranaki is so well known for! I can't stress enough how wonderful these floats are. I feel like a float snob these days comparing it to other brands…

Thank you so much Alanna, Mark and the team!

Jorja Green



29 - 08 - 2014

It all started with a float called Olive, a lovely straight load that my horse loved to travel in. After a very successful trekking weekend away down south I had decided to start working towards my dream float.

So earlier this year with the fabulous guidance and design from the team at Thoroughbred I upgraded to a VX Angle load. Feeling very excited that Lilly was going to be very happy with her future means of transport, only to discover she didn’t travel as well, we were turning up to events banging and bashing about. This soon became a huge issue for my confidence and hers.

I had an amazing float that towed beautifully, felt safe, very well designed, that sat on my driveway along with a frustrated horse and owner.

Alanna had the forward vision of converting my float, so I had the option of a straight load and angle load.

Mark and the design team worked on coming up with the perfect design, everything was interchangeable right down to the floats padding!

To be involved with such an innovative company that is so focused on client and horse satisfaction, safety and brilliance in their design has been an amazing experience.

Their enthusiasm, passion and commitment for the horse industry is second to none.

A huge thank you, Alanna and Mark!

Kind regards,


Angenita Moore 

10 - 10 - 2014

Used the new float today (Premier) for the first time to take the yearlings across to Haunui Farms to start sales prep and they loaded and travelled fantastic! Given that they have never floated before! Great ramp with rubber and lots of room - really lovely to use. Thanks heaps to the team at Thoroughbred Floats.

Angenita Moore 

Jeff Hobbs 

31 - 03 - 2015


Please pass onto Mark to say that the trailer towed like a dream and is safely in my workshop, ready for the tiny house to be built upon. Also, I would like to thank him for the work he did on my car electrics to make it possible for me to the trailer home. I was impressed by his electrics skills. I will send you photo's of the project as they come in.

Jeff Hobbs 

The Wallace Family

08 - 06 - 2015

To Alanna, Mark, Emma and the rest of the team at Thoroughbred Floats,

A huge thank you for our awesome float. You listened and discussed all our ideas and needs. We decided to sell our truck and get a float with heaps of storage that we can use as a caravan in the summer, as well as wanting somehting safe for us to tow and horses to travel in We were shocked to find over 15 different float brands in New Zealand and spent alot of time researching different options. This included two full days visiting a short list of importers and manufacturers in the auckland region, as well as a visit to Equidays in October 2014 and Horse of the Year 2015.

Thoroughbred Floats were able to answer all our questions honestly and allowed us to see the manufacturing process first hand. We felt that there was nothing to hide.
I loved the fact that because were lived over four hours away, we were kept in touch with emails, phone calls and photos and were able to see the build process of our baby from start to finish. We were also able to call in at any time into the factory when we were in Auckland.  

There is no doubt in my mind that we have made the right decision. The third time we used the loan float, our pony decided to load herself while I was getting the ute. This mare was finally happy to travel and I beleive this is because the float is so well balanced that it didn't move while she loaded. She also stayed there while I wound the float onto the tow ball. 

These floats, including ours and the loan the float, both tow so well that the horses are not thrown around with something that wobbles along behind the vehicle. The float tracks right in line, even though it is so long - Thoroughbred Floats have obviously spent a great deal of time and thought getting this right.
It is clear that the team use a thoroughbred for themselves, as they have the confidence to sell their floats instead of having to run other brands down.

We believe we got value for money without compromising quality with a float to last for many years.

Thank you for making sure we would all (humans and horses) be safe travellers with the corrrct size tow balls, safe braking, and suitable vehicles.

The Wallace Family

Caroline Scholer

27- 07 - 2015


I can highly recommend Thoroughbred Floats for leasing or purchasing. I leased an angle load and was immediately impressed with how lovely it was to tow and how beautifully the horses loaded and travelled in it.


The staff were so friendly and fabulous to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely use them again in the future.

Caroline Scholer