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About Us

About Thoroughbred Floats

Thoroughbred Floats have been manufactured for over 36 years and everyone associates the Thoroughbred name with good quality floats and recognise the classic Thoroughbred look.

While the look of the float appears to not have changed over the last 36 years they have been in production, behind the scenes they have been modified dramatically. This is because we consistently strive to improve our product, making it the best float on the market today.

Thoroughbred Floats were originally established by Tony and Ngaire in 1977 with the Campomatic range, building the name of Thoroughbred with their outstanding workmanship and customer service.  In 2007 Chris and Tracey purchased the business and brought to it their extensive knowledge and the development of the angle load float.  In November 2011, Mark and Alanna purchased Thoroughbred Floats with a vision to enhance the brand and product quality with their skill sets in the engineering and marketing sectors - Thoroughbred's future is an exciting and stable prospect. 

Straight and angle loads, two or three horse - we have many options from our range to suit your needs. Here at Thoroughbred Floats, we also understand that our range may not meet your requirements, hence why our team is fully prepared to create a custom build to all your specifications.

A Thoroughbred Float is the absolute best investment in a horse float you can make. It’s not just because of our great resale value that has us make such a claim. You are paying for a quality product matched by a quality manufacturing process. We look after our trailers and customers long after they leave the factory.

Meet the Team

Alanna Aarts

Director & Sales

Jasmin Teece

South Island Rep

Mark Aarts

Director & Design Engineer

Meet The Team

"Thank you so much to the team at Thoroughbred Floats. I love my new 2 horse angle float. It’s a dream to tow and looks fabulous with impeccable attention to detail. Alanna kept in touch the whole time while it was being made and when it came time to pick up my new float, Mark took me through everything I needed to know. Thanks again TB Floats. Have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2019."

– FIONA PASCOE, December 2018

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