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2 & 3 Horse VX Angle Loads

2-Horse from $40,000 inc. GST
3-Horse from $44,000 inc. GST

Our 2 Horse & 3 Horse VX Angle Loads are one of our most popular models. The base specifications are listed below for each, but we have a huge range of customisations available – including your very own.




Removable dividers
Removable head divider x 1 (2-Horse)
Removable head dividers x2 (3-Horse)
Magnets on dividers
Spring-loaded divider handles
Rump pad
PVC kickboards
Gas Stay on PA door
Flush-mounted door locks
Sliding windows x2 (2-Horse)
Sliding windows x4 (3-Horse)
Scoop air vent
Filled-in draw bar
Aluminium stone guards
Aluminium over mud guards
Aluminium mag wheels (5 new tyres)
Lockable coupling
LED interior lights x2
LED top running lights
LED tail lights
LED number plate lights
Rubber on ramp
Aluminium ramp

Internal Dimensions:

3650 x 2250 x 1980mm

External Dimensions:

5000 x 2750 x 2450mm

Approx Weight:

1000kg | GVM: 2500kg

Internal Dimensions:

4600 x 2250 x 1980mm

External Dimensions:

5900 x 2750 x 2450mm

Approx Weight:

1250kg | GVM: 3500kg

"In 2014 Thoroughbred built us a fantastic 3 horse float. It has all the bells and whistles. What I loved the most was that I have transported young horses in it for years a couple of times very sick. The float is solid and safe and never let me down! Fast forward the kids have grown and now we needed a truck. Alanna knew of one partially finished that was our budget. They then set about getting the horse part finished. It had its challenges but both Mark in Alanna carried out the work of extremely high quality and with the thought that only really experienced horse people can do. We are blown away by what they have achieved AND all within our budget. We will have the accommodation side of things done next winter. Feel free free to come for a look through so I can show you all the care and effort Mark, Alanna and their team have done for us. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!"

– KATE HINTON, October 2018

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