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2 & 3 Horse VX XL Angle Loads

(Accommodation available)

from $48,000 inc. GST

Our VX XL Angle Load features an extended chassis by 700mm. This allows the extra room needed for accommodation or kitchens. You can choose to make this a 2 or 3 horse angle load, depending on how much space you'd like up front. If you're looking for an accommodation float, check them out here.



Removable dividers
Removable head dividers
Magnets on dividers
Spring-loaded divider handles
Rump pad
PVC kickboards
Gas Stay on PA door
Flush-mounted door locks
Sliding windows x4
Scoop air vent
Filled-in draw bar
Aluminium stone guards
Aluminium over mud guards
Aluminium mag wheels (5 new tyres)
Lockable coupling
LED interior lights x2
LED top running lights
LED tail lights
LED number plate lights
Rubber on ramp
Aluminium ramp

Internal Dimensions:

5300 x 2250 x 1980mm

External Dimensions:

6600 x 2750 x 2450mm

Approx Weight:


"I was lucky enough to buy Epona at HOY two years ago! She is kitted out with all the extras including BedPod, fold-out double bed, 3x bunks, BBQ, awning, heater, cooker, hot/cold water, storage box behind ramp etc! Horses always travel amazingly and I love that it is just a normal float – until you get somewhere then transform it into a very cosy camper. I love the hitch on it – such smooth towing and I’m sure it is a lovely ride for the horses too. Can’t beat 100% NZ MADE! Feel free to message me with any questions - fully vouch for these gorgeous floats!"

– KATIE RUSSELL, June 2018

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